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We will take your Trucking/Logistics company to the next level.

We will get it done by simply outworking the competition!!!

Book Consistent Freight

We ensure that you’re booking consistent freight and staying loaded at rates that keep you profitable.

Achieve Revenue Targets

We lay out the game plan for the upcoming days and weeks ahead & keep your weekly revenue targets within a certain range.

Maximize Your $/mile

We will aggressively negotiate the best paying loads on your behalf with your best interest in mind first & foremost.

Simplify your Process

Minimize time-consuming paperwork that pays no money and reduce all the headaches of hold time with shippers/brokers.

Lane Strategies

Our experienced team will always strategize the best & most profitable lanes, dedicated & tri-haul options as well as seasonal opportunities.

Get Paid on Time

Submit your freight bills to your factoring company to make sure you’re getting paid timely.

Freight Trucking Dispatch Services

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We work directly for the small to mid-sized trucking companies to keep their trucks constantly & consistently loaded making the absolute most money. Our focus will be to stay ahead of the truck to prevent sitting time waiting for loads. We have a large network of both brokers and direct manufacturers / suppliers / shippers that allows us to use our various options to negotiate the best paying freight for your truck(s).

If you are an owner operator or a mid-size carrier operation looking to make more money for your company with less stress and time on the phones searching for loads then it’s time to join our winning team. The time is now to partner with us and have access to our large network of resources that will be extremely valuable & profitable. Become a true entrepreneur and take advantage of our extremely skilled dispatchers so your time on the road will be optimizing your revenue generating potential. Take advantage of our incredible service, 24/7 support & grow your company with less time on the phone & aggravation.

We are a family owned & operated Full Service Logistics Company with attention on truck dispatching providing our owner operators/carriers with outstanding service, reliability, ideas & suggestions to make more money & grow their operations. We explore every avenue in any lane or market to maximize profits in securing & finding the most profitable loads, maximize your dollar per mile, lane strategies, 24/7 availability, factoring, truck maintenance notifications & more as well reducing all the headaches of hold time with shippers/brokers & time consuming paperwork that pays no money.

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Express Logistics Network is your go-to partner in the logistics industry. We simplify your process and help you get an edge over the competition. Getting started with us is as easy as 123!


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See What Our Customers Say

I consider myself a smart trucker been around a while in the business & working Chris & his staff is great. He is very straight forward & no non-sense way of doing business. What I like most of all is his character as businessman which to me means more than any paying load. Another thing is he holds his people to very high standards. Great job guys.

Kevin Dixon, Greenville SC

Chris & Mike are sharp guys who both speak very professionally and run a nice operation. For me they brought alot to the table in terms of strategy & gave me new vision for my small trucking outfit & without there advise & imput we probably would not have been able to grow our business. They brought me to the next level & was I able to get another truck on the road.

Kyle P., Sioux Falls SD

I started working with Express Logistics Network roughly 8 months ago & I am doing great since I am an owner operator & dont want to do it all on my own & now have a whole lot less stress. In life u get what u pay for remember that guys 5% will get u nothing but poor service been there done that. These guys are extremely aggressive & know how to talk & work with brokers as I have heard them in action.

John Phillips, Flatbed MO

My experience is these guys have a very positive attitude & dont treat me like there my boss more like a team mentality and run a very tight ship a real first class operation with unbelievable service & follow-up. They are constantly keeping my drivers updated and take alot of pride in there business unlike some of these small mickey mouse operations out there. I highly recommend them.

Bret K. Commack, NY

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  • Have a more profitable trucking business?
  • Have your truck(s) stay loaded?
  • Stay in your lane of choice?
  • Reduce deadhead & be part of a team?
  • Have the most options for the best freight?
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